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America's 10 Best Farmers Markets

America's 10 Best Farmers Markets

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The best of the best purveyors of local goods in the United States

America's 10 Best Farmers Markets

Our food system today would be unrecognizable to our ancestors, and the original farmer who planted the seeds and tended the chicken coop has disappeared completely from most of our lives. Farmers markets, and their increased visibility in cities and towns across America, are changing that, one locally grown vegetable at a time. Here are America’s 10 Best Farmers Markets.

#10 Phoenix Public Market, Phoenix

#9 Hope Farmers Market, Austin

Described by some as "dripping with Austin attitude," the Hope Farmers Market is a gathering place for everyone. Visitors come to shop for fresh food and one-of-a-kind crafts, and to listen and dance to music performed by local musicians. With market food like wheatgrass, lavender, and mix-and-match ice cream cookie sandwiches, as well as handmade crafts like wooden rocking chairs and beaded jewelry, there’s something here for every free-spirited hipster of Austin.

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#8 Eastern Market, Washington, D.C.

This farmers market is open every weekend, offering local fare. But from Tuesday through Sunday, the Eastern Market building is used to display local art, hold community meetings, and sell artisanal foods and wares. With more than 27,000 Twitter followers, Eastern Market is an integral part of the Capitol Hill community.

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#7 Charleston Farmers Market, Charleston, S.C.

In historic downtown Charleston’s Marion Square, the Charleston Farmers Market thrives with food, art, and entertainment. There are fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as well as artisan foods like flavored pecans and prepared foods, from authentic French crêpes to shrimp and grits. Glass art and lotions are among some of the many artisanal craft goods available for purchase. The market is open every Saturday April to November and Every Saturday and Sunday in December.

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#6 Nashville Farmers’ Market, Nashville, Tenn.

The Nashville Farmers’ Market has been around since the early nineteenth century, and now covers 16 acres of urban landscape. The Market House is a permanent complex of 16 restaurants and local shops. The year-round, daily market in the center of the Market House includes up to 100 farmers selling seasonal produce, meats, and dairy items.

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#5 Chicago Green City Market, Chicago

The farmers of the Chicago Green City Market go through a vigorous application process ensuring that they yield humanely raised meats and pesticide-free produce. The year-round market offers sustainable, local groceries and free resources for maintaining a sustainable future. The Green City Market is open every Saturday year-round.

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#4 Hollywood Farmers’ Market, Hollywood, Calif.

#3 Santa Monica Wednesday Market, Santa Monica, Calif.

The Santa Monica Wednesday Market is largest of four farmers markets in Santa Monica. It is the largest grower-only certified market in Southern California and offers healthy-eating education outreach programs for both children and adults.

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#2 Portland State University Farmers Market, Portland, Ore.

Portland State University Farmers Market is the flagship market of the Portland Farmers Market. With 200 rotating vendors, the market features local, seasonal produce with music to match every Saturday year-round. The market managers really have taken every detail into consideration, even offering a “veggie valet” service to hold on to your heavy produce while you shop.

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#1 Union Square Greenmarket, New York City

Serving more than 60,000 bustling city residents and tourists on any given day, GrowNYC’s Union Square Greenmarket caters to them with an ever-changing treasury of fresh produce, baked goods, meats and fish, even wine and beer. Along with its extensive list of vendors from the Tri-State area, the Greenmarket goes above and beyond to accommodate the needs of its community. The Greenmarket is open four days a week — Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday — year-round, and offers cooking demonstrations, a compost pile, and seasonal bounty galore.

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