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Reasons Why Starbucks is Better Than Peet’s

Reasons Why Starbucks is Better Than Peet’s

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For coffee connoisseurs, the Starbucks-vs.-Peet’s debate can be a caffeine-induced battle of the brews. While everyone has their personal preference, the majority of carry-out coffee drinkers prefer Starbucks. Here’s why:

1. Location, location, location­­­. There is something to be said for Starbucks’s accessibility. There are 13,049 shops in the U.S. (23,305 worldwide), Peet’s doesn’t even have a single location in New York, which has the country’s highest density of caffeinated people, and outside of the city that never sleeps, Starbucks seems to have a presence on every corner; even the smallest towns have a Starbucks a stone’s throw away.


2. Variety: Though Peet’s has a respectable and classic coffee shop menu, Starbucks offers many, many more options. And that goes for food, too. Peet’s has oatmeal, baked goods, and a handful of grab-and-go options, but Starbucks takes the cake, cake pops that is. In addition the basic selection Peet’s offers, Starbucks has baked goods menu inspired by San Francisco bakery, La Boulange, and (for those curbing the carbs) Evolution Fresh’s juices and snack bars.

(Flickr/Prehensile Eye)

3. When it comes to the battle of the blended beverages, Starbuck’s Frappuccinos has achieved a cult status that Peet’s Freddos only wish they had. Though there have been positive reviews of Freddos, the Frappacanio has reigned supreme for years and shows no signs of ceding it’s number one spot. And if you’re a person all about the options, Starbucks has thirty Frappacanio offerings, Peet’s has just thirteen.

(Flickr/Taneli Mielikäinen)

4. While Peet’s stays in its café comfort zone, Starbucks is experimenting, innovating, and expanding. Though there have been some fails (see: “7 Failed Drinks and Products Slideshow,” there have been many slam dunks, as well as smart partnerships with other companies.

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5. Does Peet’s give you a free iTunes download every week? Nope! Keeping you awake AND up-to-date‑­enough said.


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