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Books for Cooks: Ceviche by Martin Morales

Books for Cooks: Ceviche by Martin Morales

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The cuisine of Peru is hot, and Martin Morales' book (named for his London restaurant) shows why; his food is both satisfying and inventive. A homey chicken-spaghetti dish gets rich and creamy via mashed avocado. Quinoa cooked risotto-style was delicious, as was a potato cake topped with beet and avocado. Recipes can be a bit chaffy and lacking in clarity, but a confident cook will love the ride.

Chef Martin Morales’s Three Can’t-Miss Dishes for Your Next Peruvian Meal

Martin Morales is a restaurateur, DJ, author, and music executive. But above all, he’s Peruvian. He celebrates his love of Peruvian cuisine and culture at his acclaimed restaurant Ceviche, which was recently named by Time Out London as one of the 100 best restaurants in London (and particularly for date night). His new cookbook of the same name is packed with Peruvian recipes, from ceviches and cocktails to street food and sweets.

Below, some of Martin’s suggestions for those new to Peruvian cuisine—plus some Peruvian music to listen to, inside or outside the kitchen.

If You’re New to Peruvian Food

Try ceviche, of course. The keys to making Peru’s national dish: fresh fish and “tiger’s milk,” a citrus-based marinade whose light acidity cures the fish without cooking.

Martin recommends: the Don Ceviche, a sea bass ceviche with red onions, cilantro, tiger’s milk, and sweet potatoes. As he writes in Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen, it’s “so-called as it’s really the daddy of all our ceviches and the most popular dish we serve [at the restaurant].”

“It’s very simple and will show you the power and beauty of Peruvian food.” (It’s also the dish that “wowed” Time Out London the most.)

Don’t Forget the Pisco

“Pisco sour is a much-loved cocktail and is a worldwide classic,” Martin said. “It can be made more sour or sweeter. It’s versatile like that. If you want to make something simple, make a Chilcano. Pisco and ginger ale are a great combination.”

Find out how Martin makes a perfect pisco sour in this episode of Ceviche TV, a video series filmed at the Ceviche restaurant in London’s Soho neighorhood.

And For Dessert, Try Picarones

“Most Peruvians have a sweet tooth, and I am no exception,” Martin writes in Ceviche. “We make sure desserts, cakes, and cookies are always the star of every celebration.”

Picarones (pumpkin and sweet-potato donuts) are a typical street found in Lima. “They’re fun to make, a bit messy, and require patience, especially while you try to master the knack of forming rings of dough,” Martin writes.

If you don’t have a deep fryer handy, you can fry the donuts in small batches in a large, deep saucepan using hot oil. (Just make sure the doughnuts are completely submerged.) In spite of the possible intimidation factor there, Martin urges home cooks to give them a try: “Go for it! Picarones have history and are full of flavor.”

Even When He’s Not Eating Peruvian Food, He’s Eating Peruvian Food

When Martin isn’t cooking and eating Peruvian food, his go-to meal is “anything with avocado,” he said. “I’m an avocado fanatic.” But there’s a catch: he only eats Hass avocados. “They're the ones from Peru!”

A Playlist to Recreate a Real Peruvian Kitchen

With his record label Tiger’s Milk Records, Martin—who is a former music executive at Apple, Disney, and EMI—delves deeper into his love of all aspects of Peruvian culture. “I’m fascinated by the way we can blend music and food,” he said.

“We have a new album coming out soon called Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul and Psych from Peru's Radical Decade. It’s a super-funky collection of vintage and almost hard-to-find tracks from late '60s Peru.”

To take your Peruvian kitchen experience to the next level, play a couple of tracks from the Peru Bravo album on SoundCloud while you prep your ceviche (or even just while drinking your pisco). After dinner, follow Martin’s lead and listen to “Cecil Taylor” by Jonathan Wilson, one of his current post-meal favorites.

Reprinted with permission from Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen by Martin Morales (Ten Speed Press, © 2014). Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness.


Food is a serious business in Lima and restaurateur Martin Morales, whose top Soho restaurant opened to wide acclaim in 2012, has travelled the length and breadth of Peru to discover the country's best dishes. This collection is his life's passion it will inspire home cooks to try fresh, healthy and delicious new recipes.

From sizzling barbecued anticuchos, superfood quinoa salads, delicate baked corn breads, juicy saltados and lucuma ice, CEVICHE brings the colours and tastes of Peru to the home kitchen.

With its uniquely tactile design, it is impossible not to love.

In the form of Martin Morales, Peruvian food now has the most charming and dedicated ambassador, if not apostle, that it could hope for -- David Sexton EVENING STANDARD This is cuisine with a kick VOGUE This place is brilliant. The cooking is super-confident, rare and interesting, the look of the room is great and the bar must be fantastic in the evening. The music is lovely and the staff are incredibly sweet and kind. And it's cheap. I never really want to go anywhere else again -- Giles Coren THE TIMES The book has the dual attraction for me of having 100 cool recipes and - maybe a niche consideration - a cool textured front cover that makes it look like a wall of tiles -- Samuel Muston THE INDEPENDENT the epitome of great Peruvian food fresh, bold and exciting. Perfect for a summer dinner party PSYCHOLOGIES For trend-setters. Peruvian cuisine is an intriguing blend of influences around the world. it's now firmly on Britain's culinary map. This book helps you to create the unique cuisine at home WAITROSE KITCHEN Peruvian cuisine has a fine ambassador in Martin Morales, owner of Soho's Ceviche restaurant. His absorbing book covers everything from Andean village specialities to street food, as well as the signature dishes from the restaurant. Along the way, you receive a real insight into Peruvian culture and cuisine. delicious SQUARE MEAL Vibrant, healthy and using lots f fish, chillies, corn and citrus fruits, Peruvian cooking is some of the most exciting in the world - a fact picked up by the great chef Escoffier more than a century ago. You'll love the cover too - very strokable CRUMBS clean, zingy and refreshing, with a spicy kick THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH Trendy London restaurant Ceviche prides itself on combining the exotic flavours of Peru with the UK's finest fish and seafood, and this book shares many of owner Martin Morales' favourite dishes. Ceviche provides a wealth of information about perfecting Peru's national dish, as well as recipes for all kinds of other South-American inspired salads, sweets and stews GREAT BRITISH FOOD MAGAZINE Ceviche restaurant launched in 2012, igniting a passion for Peruvian food among London foodies, who were soon frantically trying to outdo one another with their talk of tamales, quinottos and escabeches. If you love the restaurant, or you haven't been able to bag a table and long to try Peruvian food, this book is the answer. Martin Morales takes you through the basics of the cuisine. interspersed are stories about Martin's family and life in Peru, and photographs of the country that are almost as mouthwatering as the food JAMIE MAGAZINE Peruvian food was the dining trend of last year - now whip it up at home with London restaurant Ceviche's new self-titled book. It's stuffed with recipes for grilled fish, spicy meats and light desserts ZEST Ceviche, the citrus-cured fish dish, takes centre stage at the brilliant London restaurant of the same name. This offshoot book is more instructive than your typical 'restaurant cookbook', and will have you rustling up the ceviches and anticuchos (marinaded meat or fish skewers) before you know it. Martin Morales's passion for his home country's cooking practically leaps of the page - as does the lickable food photography TIME OUT One of the pioneers of the Peruvian food revolution in Britain, Lima-born Morales opened his Soho restaurant, Ceviche, to much fanfare 18 months ago. Now he has released a cookbook detailing some of the restaurant's signature plates - including those quaffable pisco sours - and other key dishes in what is considered the gourmet capital of Latin America. A detailed section on the more unusual ingredients and where to find them in London is worth its weight in rocoto peppers FOOD & TRAVEL Latin American restaurants are hot at the moment but this is the first cookbook to show how to make this exciting cuisine at home. There are so many flavours to explore: tongue-tingling ceviche, spiced meat and fish dishes, superfood grains and special ice cream -- Sally Hughes BBC GOOD FOOD Ceviche is a popular Peruvian seafood dish and is also the name Peruvian restaurateur Martin Morales gave to his London restaurant. Now Martin has published a cookbook of the same name offering his favourite recipes to show off Peruvian cuisine at its best. Foodies will love the refreshing recipes and if you don't recognise some of the ingredients, there's no need to worry - there's a useful section on suppliers for the harder-to-find ones. CHOICE Martin Morales, Chef Patron of restaurant Ceviche, gives us an insight into the marriage of cultures that made Peruvian food what it is today. With the first two chapters dedicated to the art of great Ceviche and Peruvian street food, this book goes on to provide good, clear recipes for fish, meat and desserts plus a drinks section, and Martin's tips throughout the book help to bring a taste of Peru to the reader CHEF MAGAZINE

Exotic Peruvian Recipes

  • Author : Anthony Boundy
  • Publisher :
  • Release Date : 2019-12-11
  • Genre:
  • Pages : 92
  • ISBN 10 : 1674273355

Have you heard about the wonderful and tropical dishes served in Peru? Would you like to learn more about the ingredients they use, and the proper ways to combine them, to create authentic Peruvian dishes?The dishes in this concise recipe book will take you on a culinary tour of Peru and open your eyes to the many foods prepared there. More and more people around the world are discovering Peruvian cuisine, and it's quite the rage, with very good reason. Peru has many native ingredients, a variety of growing elevations and innovative home cooks and chefs who create a cuisine every bit as varied as the country's landscape. The menu of Peruvian dishes is built around the differences in elevations and growing conditions that exist in the country. They have the chance to choose natural ingredients from areas like the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the country's meandering coastline. Peru's cuisine is robust because of these changes in elevation. Peru also has many raw ingredients to use in its cuisine. There are literally thousands of items to use in creating authentic Peruvian dishes. Try one today!


  • Author : Martin Morales
  • Publisher : Hachette UK
  • Release Date : 2013-07-04
  • Genre: Cooking
  • Pages : 240
  • ISBN 10 : 9780297868620

Modern Peruvian cuisine - with soul Food is a serious business in Lima and restaurateur Martin Morales, whose top Soho restaurant opened to wide acclaim in 2012, has travelled the length and breadth of Peru to discover the country's best dishes. This collection is his life's passion it will inspire home cooks to try fresh, healthy and delicious new recipes. From sizzling barbecued anticuchos, superfood quinoa salads, delicate baked corn breads, juicy saltados and lucuma ice, CEVICHE brings the colours and tastes of Peru to the home kitchen. With its uniquely tactile design, it is impossible not to love.

On Doughnuts:

You never say no to a doughnut.

I’m from California, Southern California. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and there is a small shack in Burbank, California, that’s like a small mom and pop shop. It’s called The Doughnut Hut and seriously like the best doughnuts I’ve ever had.

I’m not a fancy doughnut connoisseur. I get down with the classics like the bare minimum. My favorite doughnut to get there is a cake doughnut that has just regular vanilla frosting and colored sprinkles. It’s the best thing ever. That place just knows what they are doing.

There’s a line around the block, I mean, it’s big and it’s not a big place at all. It’s like a little hut, you can’t even walk in. You order from a window on the sidewalk and it’s just the best doughnuts you’ve ever had.

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Books for Cooks: Ceviche by Martin Morales - Recipes

London restaurant Ceviche began as a pop-up that sold out after a single tweet from founder Martin Morales. Since launching the brick and mortar restaurant in SOHO last year, Ceviche has helped usher in an era of new Peruvian dining in the city. A recipe book was the natural next step for Morales and, as of today, Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen is on sale. Considering the immense shortage of Peruvian recipe books available in English, this book is a welcome addition to any kitchen library.

To promote the launch of the book, Morales has taken Ceviche the restaurant on tour – Britain’s first ever pop up restaurant tour – to 11 locations around the UK. It is completely sold out, they are releasing a few extras when possible in select destinations. The Ceviche Pop Up Tour runs from July 1 st to July 15 th .

Morales was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen:

How did the idea for this book begin?

Martin Morales: My ethos has always been one of sharing. Some Chefs want to have all eyes on them, we want all eyes on our food and to share our beautiful Peruvian cuisine recipes so people can make them at home around the world. So before we opened Ceviche, as a result of the success we had from our pop up restaurants, I was tracked down by 5 publishers who offered me book deals. We went with W&N/Orion part of Hachette, an international publisher, who promised us creative control.

And as a result we have created a book with an iconic cover, beautiful to look at and touch and also includes not only great recipes which home cooks can make but also stunning photography. Its designed by award winning Caz Hildebrand from Here Design and the photography is by hot UK photographer Paul Winch-Furness as well as 4 of Peru’s best photographers: Maria Fe Romero, Santiago Barco Luna, Solange Adum and Leslie Searles.

What is in this book?

100 recipes, 100 photos, 256 pages, stories about the dishes, a short history of Peruvian food and also the story of how we created Ceviche. It’s the coolest mini bible of Peruvian food you will ever have. And also includes a lot of love, care and passion.

Have all of the dishes appeared at the restaurant?

No. But they soon will be. Many have been created by us, or are traditional recipes or my family recipes. We are rescuing and creating every day.

Any favorites? Why?

Don Ceviche – the daddy of all our ceviches. Drunk Scallops – with pisco. Our Lomo Saltado recipe is, we think, one of the best in the world. And our hit Quinoa, Avocado and Butter Bean Salad.

Where can you buy the book?

Available now on Amazon and in Peru and other countries through various bookshops including SBS Larco and Cusco, among others.

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