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Apple cake with walnuts and whipped cream

Apple cake with walnuts and whipped cream

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I know there are a lot of recipes for this cake, but I'll show you how I make it ...
A very light cake and much appreciated by my family.

  • 8-9 mere
  • 14 tablespoons sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 6 tablespoons flour
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • 1 baking powder
  • 50 g raisins
  • 70 g nut
  • scortisoaraf
  • risk
  • vanilla sugar

Servings: 12

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Apple cake with walnuts and whipped cream:

6 tablespoons sugar caramelize in the pan in which we will prepare the cake. After the sugar has caramelized (do not let too much that it catches a bitter taste) with rotational movements we spread it on the edges of the pan. .

We clean the apples, including the spine. In the place left free by the spine, with a teaspoon we put the mixture formed of crushed walnuts, raisins soaked in rum, sugar and cinnamon.

Place the apples in the pan with the cooled caramel sugar. Over them we put the pandispan made as follows:

- separate the egg whites from the yolks

- the yolks with 6 tablespoons of sugar mix well until they triple their volume. Then add the vanilla sugar and water and mix well.

- the egg whites are beaten hard.

- flour and baking powder are added to the yolk composition.

- 1/2 of the egg whites mix slowly with this crust then add the other 1/2.

After I put the pandispan over the apples, put the pan in the preheated oven at 180 degrees. Bake for about an hour and try the pandispan with the toothpick. If it comes out clean from the pandispan, it means that the pandispan is baked.

After the cake is baked, we turn it over on a plate so that the apples that were down are now up.

Let the cake cool.

The whipped cream is made according to the indications on the envelope and then the cake is decorated.

If necessary, you can also add burnt sugar syrup to the plate ....

Great appetite!

Apple cake with walnuts and whipped cream

I tried the recipe, I learned it from my mother but over time I tried to add something else, for example walnut mixed with melted chocolate (bitter) super good, it is even easier to fill apples and incorporates even more nuts and it's even better (with a lot of walnuts). I flavor the whipped cream with vanilla and I always use natural whipped cream, made from sweet cream.

I have no words, it's a treat!

Sidy (Chef de cuisine), November 2, 2014

I don't know what you read, but I wrote Mariana Pop correctly! Look: Separate the egg whites from the yolks. - the yolks with 6 tablespoons of sugar mix well until they triple their volume. Then add the vanilla sugar and water and mix well. - the egg whites are beaten hard. - flour and baking powder are added to the yolk composition. - 1/2 of the egg whites mix slowly with this crust then add the other 1/2. After I put the pandispan over the apples, put the pan in the preheated oven at 180 degrees. Bake for about an hour and try the pandispan with the toothpick. If it comes out clean from the pandispan, it means that the pandispan is baked.

Tatiana Mardare, February 17, 2014

mirey (Chef de cuisine), February 13, 2011

A quick and tasty cake. I like it!

Dana Saila (Salwa Nabhani) (Chef de cuisine), June 27, 2010

Hi Sidy, today I think I'll make your cake. I have a recipe from my mother but simpler, I want to try your version as well. I hope to get out. kiss you

Carmyna (Chef), April 27, 2010

It reminds me of my childhood, it's my mother's recipe. very good cake.

diana (Chef de cuisine), April 25, 2010

a very good cake recipe, it looks very good.

mirey (Chef de cuisine), April 19, 2010

constanta proca (Chef de cuisine), March 29, 2010

I made this cake again, my family never gets tired of it, it's refreshing and very good!

I also make this cake quite often. It is the favorite of one of my daughters. Good luck!

constanta proca (Chef de cuisine), March 7, 2010

I made this cake is easy to make and very good. Congratulations Sidy!

Adriana (Chef), February 25, 2010

I made the cake and it turned out great, he praised my son who is very critical about food.

very good and very special this cake can also put shit in apples.

panseluta (Chef de cuisine), February 9, 2010

I often make this type of cake. It's simple and very tasty.

lumi (Chef de cuisine), February 3, 2010

emadina (Chef de cuisine), January 29, 2010

delicious recipe and available to anyone. it's not very pretentious but the effect is super.

iuliana tarnoveanu (Chef de cuisine), January 3, 2010

It looks great, it's not expensive and it's not too complicated to make. Congratulations Sidy!

suciu roxana, December 30, 2009

I could not say that it is a more hasty comment is a way to thank tenderly that there is this recipe is an excellent recipe

ana maria, December 24, 2009

Cely Snijec (Chef de cuisine), November 9, 2009

valentina ionita (Chef de cuisine), November 9, 2009

mariana scarlat (Chef de cuisine), November 8, 2009

Very good! I like it a lot but I rarely make an apple cake because Alex doesn't like it. And I usually make sweets for him to eat.


Nov 27 2005 Page 1 of 8 - Delicious burnt sugar cake by Didi Balmez - posted in Recipes in pictures. The same questions were asked in the comments of the recipe Cream of eternal burnt-cake sugar.

Apple Cake With Burnt Sugar 5 Apples 5 Tbsp Sugar For Burnt Sugar 5 Tbsp Zah Thanksgiving Food Desserts Food Network Recipes Caramel Apple Cake Recipe

It's not something for birthdays because this cake is sensational made for no reason.

Pictures of burnt sugar cake. Ingredients for 1 cake with burnt sugar cream 20cm - 810 servings The cake with burnt sugar cream is very tasty and looks very good. I also like simple burnt sugar cream, but if I put them on the counter, I can't stop eating. 3 eggs 3 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon oil 1 baking powder.

Dobos cake original recipe see Wikipedia has 35 g of cocoa butter that I replaced with butter and 35 g of cocoa mass that I replaced with cocoa 35 g. Burnt Sugar Cream with Pandispan Top. It is the cheap version of a cake and has the advantage of coming out so beautiful that it does not need complicated decorations.

In a saucepan caramelize 100 g of sugar and mix periodically. Recipes with eclairs or choux a la creme. Caramelize the 3 tablespoons of sugar and water and syrup the top.

4 eggs 6 tablespoons sugar 500ml milk 1 sachet vanilla sugar cup sugar. Jan 23 2015 Cake with burnt sugar cream has been made in my family since I know myself. Burnt sugar cream for cakes and cake recipes.

But it is true that 200 g of sugar is caramelized and the composition of burnt sugar cream is liquid. He longed for this famous French cake called Gteau Saint Honor. Peel an apple, grate it and squeeze the juice out of the apple.

Creme brulee. Delicious burnt sugar cakeDidi Balmez Top 9 egg whites. See that the composition of pandispan is placed over the fluid composition of eggs with milk.

I made these delicious and elegant Ecler Cake with vanilla cream and burnt sugar on December 23 on the occasion of my daughter's 19th birthday. If you have these ingredients you can use them. When a little foam has formed on top, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool for 1-2 minutes.

Cut into large cubes as in the pictures. I made it play for us at home, I never thought I would post it on the blog, but it turned out so good and Bogdi liked it so much that I decided to give it to you. Oct 03 2007 Cake with burnt sugar cream INGREDIENTS.

Today I bring you a variant of cake with burnt sugar cream and pandispan top flavored with vanilla and coconut, a variant that I really liked. Dressed in whipped cream we can give it a festive air and without. Apr 14 2006 Maybe I'll give you a cake idea for the holidays following one of our favorite cakes. Burnt sugar cream cake a miracle cake to make anytime.

Preparation of burnt sugar foam. 200 g sugar-300 g if you want it sweeter 3 sachets of vanilla sugar. 8 tablespoons for lining the bowl in which we will make the cake.

1 teaspoon ness dissolved in a little warm milk. Separately in a saucepan caramelize the 200 grams of sugar. Beat the 5 egg whites and the 5 tablespoons of sugar with the mixer until you get a hard foam like a meringue.

There are also discussions about the number of sheets and here is that Dobos Jozsef made the original one in a fixed 6 sheets, the last one covered in burnt sugar. I would just put a word of whipped cream on some edible flowers or a small ball made of burnt sugar threads but nothing else. Add the diced butter and mix until it melts.

Sep 25 2013 First with this sugar cake burned the cake of my childhood and then with a lot of gifts. Now my dears, I will tell you about the adventure of my cake, the credit goes largely to Anat because she sent me the recipe and thanks to her I decided to make it because as usual what she says is holy that the guarantee is already me. Put them in the oven at once, there is no way to put the composition.

Put in the oven together. Burnt sugar cream for cakes and cake pictures. I also know a variant of this cake in which over the apples put on the caramel is poured the composition of burnt sugar cream and mixed milk sugar and after it has coagulated a little like a pudding, put the pandispan.

I think many people do it when they have too many eggs and I don't know what to do with them and when they feel like a dessert. This way the cake no longer has to be syruped. Well, that's why I made this video.

Jan 18 2020 PREPARATION Cake with burnt sugar cream, apple and whipped cream. Although the preparation involves several steps, it is not very difficult to make the recipe for burnt sugar cream cake and the final result is worth the effort. The pictures are taken with the phone and in the light.

1 cup of freshly beaten 1 orange. 700 ml of warm milk.

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Apple, caramel and walnut cake

Today a text of mine was published in Bulevard Magazine, some subjective considerations about real women. The text has already had so many readings that I thought I would share it with you, maybe it's something in my (my) head :).

I learned that a little fantasy didn't hurt anyone, and as a result, I took this classic inverted cake recipe and played with it a bit. I added walnuts, because I like fried and salted cashews for the contrast of tastes and because I like salted caramel, and a little pistachio, for the sake of diversity. In addition, I used brown sugar for the caramel.

Apples are important in this cake. It is good not to be too sweet but not sour, not to be too strong and not to be big. Wash them, peel them, cut them in half, remove the alveoli with seeds.
Grease a pan with butter, sprinkle with plenty of brown sugar. You won't put too much, it sticks to the butter enough. Crush a tablespoon of cashew nuts and sprinkle with sugar. Place the apples with the hole up, over the hazelnuts, sprinkle a little sugar over them and some crushed walnut kernels (about two tablespoons).

Place the tray in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for a quarter of an hour. Be 180 or a few extra minutes, if you have nowhere to give it 200 degrees.

Prepare the dough for the countertop. It weighs 130 grams of flour and as much sugar. Mix half a sachet of baking powder with saffron in the flour.
Separate five eggs. Mix the yolks well with a tablespoon of oil and a tablespoon of sugar (other than the 130 grams already weighed).

Incorporate a teaspoon of lavender (dried flowers) or anise seeds into the mixture. Mix well then beat the egg whites with the 130 grams of sugar until you get a soft foam.

Mix the yolks with the flour then incorporate the egg white foam into the mixture. In the meantime, you will have the tray removed from the oven. Let it cool for ten minutes then pour the top composition over the apples.

Bake the cake at 180 degrees until it passes the toothpick test (if you put a stove in the top and take it out clean, the top is baked).

Let the cake cool for ten minutes, turn it over on a plate and let it cool completely.

Serve it with whipped cream and sprinkle with crushed pistachios. To be healthy.

Apple cake

If it's a sweet weekend, the weather doesn't help us stay away from the kitchen at all :).

I think the apple cake is the simplest cake (maybe the cheapest) and to make it easier to prepare, I present the simplified version of the recipe.

  • 6-7 apples
  • 6 eggs
  • 6 tablespoons flour
  • 2 tablespoons cold water
  • 6 tablespoons sugar tip + 150g for caramelized
  • 1 baking powder knife tip

Peel the apples and remove the seeds.

Put 200g of sugar in a saucepan or pot with a diameter of about 26cm and caramelize it over low heat then turn the pan on one side and the other to cover the edges with melted sugar.

Preheat the oven to 170g C and place the apples in the pan then put it in the oven for 15 minutes.

Beat the egg whites until foamy, then gradually add the sugar and water and mix well.

Add the yolks, mix, then gradually add the flour mixed with baking powder.

Put the top over the ripe apples, level lightly and bake for another 20 minutes.

For more safety we test with the toothpick.

Remove the cake, let it cool and warmly turn it over on a plate (put the plate over the pan and then turn it over slightly).

Let it cool completely for 1 hour

Garnish with whipped cream and cinnamon. I hurried to the maximum and it didn't turn out so nice :)

Pay attention to the amount of caramelized sugar. The longer it is, the more syrupy the cake will be. I didn't put enough on it because I didn't want it to be so sweet.

And in the rectangular version:

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

Cake with nuts, apples, cinnamon and caramel

A perfect cake for the holidays, with which you will get your guests ready. Blogger Andreea Juganaru sent us a simple but delicious recipe, which we recommend with confidence.

Andreea Juganaru from sent us the recipe for cake with nuts, apples, cinnamon and caramel that looks insane. Below is the list of ingredients and how to prepare it. Tell us how it turned out.

For countertops with a diameter of 24 cm: 4 eggs, 150 g butter, 150 g walnut kernels, 260 g flour, 130 g sugar, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1 pinch salt, 1 teaspoon orange peel, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.

For the filling: 2 kg ionatan apples, 75 g sugar, 2 cinnamon sticks, 3 whole cloves, 250 ml liquid cream, 50 g sugar, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder.

For caramel: 120 g brown sugar, 1 teaspoon butter, 40 ml liquid cream vanilla sugar.

Method of preparation:

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Place the walnuts in a pan and put them in the oven until the walnuts smell pleasant and lightly toasted. Let them cool, then chop them in a food processor.
  • Melt the butter and let it cool.
  • In a bowl, mix the sifted flour together with the baking powder and salt.
  • In a bowl, beat the eggs together with the sugar, then add the melted butter.
  • Add the orange peel and ground cinnamon. Add half of the flour mixture, mix lightly and then add the chopped walnuts and the rest of the flour.
  • Pour the mixture into a cake pan lined with baking paper and bake for 35 minutes. After this time, test the worktop with the toothpick. If the toothpick comes out clean, then remove the countertop from the oven, if the toothpicks remain on the countertop, let the countertop bake for another 5 minutes.
  • While the countertop is cooling, prepare the apple filling: peel the apples, peel them and cut them into slices. Put the apples and sugar in a large pot, cook them together until the apples leave all their juice. Add the 2 cinnamon sticks (you can find them on the site here) and the 3 cloves and let them boil for another 5 minutes. Do not cook for more than 10 minutes in total, so as to lose all the apple juice! Set the pot aside and let it cool.
  • In a bowl, mix the whipped cream well with the powdered sugar and vanilla powder. Cut the cake top into 3 equal parts. Put half of the amount of apples on the counter together with the apple syrup left. In this way we will syrup the top. Put half of the amount of whipped cream over the apples, put the second slice of the top, lightly press the top and continue with the other amount of hardened apples together with the syrup left, then the whipped cream. Put the last slice on the top.
  • Refrigerate Put the brown sugar in a thick-bottomed pan, let it melt, being careful not to burn it. Pour the whipped cream and add the teaspoon of butter. Let everything bubble, and add the vanilla sugar. Take the pan off the heat and let it cool to room temperature, so that the caramel has a "flowing" consistency at the end.
  • Remove the cake from the fridge and pour the caramel on top, letting it drip slightly on the edges. Decorate the cake with walnut kernels, or as desired.

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Diploma cake with Hulala cream

Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the package. Beat the yolks with 150 g of sugar, then boil over low heat with gelatin. Boil until a foam rises, but do not boil. Then cool, but not completely, and add 500 g of Hulala whipped cream. Separately, beat the egg whites with 150 g of sugar and mix with the cream above. Take a tall pan on which to place a food saucepan, on the bottom and around the pan.

The biscuits are syruped with the syrup from the pineapple compote and place them horizontally on the bottom of the pan and around it horizontally. Then pour over them the cream and a layer of chopped pineapple and a layer of cream until you fill the pan. It's getting cold. The next day, turn the pan over, holding the cake, the cake comes off nicely, then decorate it with the other half of the whipped cream Hulala. Garnish with fruit, grated chocolate, according to preferences and taste. It is a delicious and light cream cake. Good appetite !


Whether you are looking for a birthday cake or you want a delicious cake for a festive meal, you will find here various combinations for cakes, for all tastes.

Of all, chocolate cakes are my and my family's favorites, but even those who prefer a fruit cake will find something here to satisfy their tastes.

Cakes for children, with various anniversary themes, will delight the little ones, but also the big ones alike.

I would be happy to try all these cake recipes and tell me how they turned out!

Cakes and pies

Step-by-step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, cream cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, cookie recipes croissants, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail.

Apple cake with walnuts and whipped cream - Recipes

On Sunday I was lazy and let my mother make something sweet & # 8211 was waiting for us with a delicious Cake with caramelized apples and cream, a dessert that instantly reminded me of the taste of childhood.

Later update: In addition to this wonderful cake in which the apples are caramelized separately from the top, I also tasted one in which the apples are initially baked and then the dough is poured over them (a kind of overturned cake), make 2 such tops and put cream between them (and cover with whipped cream, obviously). My mother-in-law makes such a cake & # 8230 a wonder. I will be interested in the recipe and I will come back with details because it deserves all our attention, the greedy ones.

  • 5 eggs (separated egg white from egg yolk)
  • 5 tablespoons oil
  • the sugar cane (the 250ml cup)
  • the cane
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • a sachet of baking powder
  • a handful of walnut kernels (given through a fine grater)
  • 1 kg of Romanian apples
  • 6 tablespoons caramelized sugar
  • a glass of hot water
  • cream (from 400ml of sour cream and 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar)

Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites and then add the sugar and beat until the sugar is incorporated and melted. Mix the yolks with the oil (as in mayonnaise) and a pinch of salt. Baking powder is mixed with flour. Add the yolks over the egg whites, vanilla and flour (mixed with baking powder) in the rain, stirring gently from bottom to top with a wooden spoon. Add the finely chopped walnut kernel at the end. Place in the hot oven until it passes the toothpick test.
Wash the apples, peel them and cut them into slices. In a double-bottomed or non-stick pan, caramelize the 6 tablespoons of sugar, then put the apple slices, and pour hot water on top. Bake until the apples are soft and the sauce drops considerably (about 15-20 minutes).
Beat the sour cream and when it has hardened, add sugar and vanilla (optional). Enter here for more details on whipped cream.
Assembly: the cooled top is cut in two, the sauce resulting from the caramelization of the apples is poured over it, the sliced ​​apples are placed, the whipped cream is placed over them, then the second top, again apples and finally the whipped cream in abundance. As a decoration, my mother only put grated chocolate, but you can decorate it anyway, according to your imagination. I found it delicious and I hope it comes out the same for you, have a craving!

Ingredients Cake Entremet with apples and caramel & # 8211 by Simona Callas

(for a cake with a diameter of 18 cm)

Countertop (chocolate sable biscuit)

  • 75 g caster sugar
  • 75 g soft butter
  • 2 yolks
  • 100 g flour
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon grated baking powder
  • 3 apples
  • 20 g at
  • 20 g of honey
  • 150 g caramel sauce ( find the recipe here & # 8211 link )
  • 5 g gelatin
  • 100 g quality white chocolate (Callebaut)
  • 300 g liquid cream
  • 100 g praline paste (or Nutella or Nutella + caramel mixture)