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Black cake

Black cake

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I was telling you about the Blanc cake, how I was very obsessed with this cake recipe, how I saw it in Licuta. At that moment, it turned white, but I also had to make the original version. The chocolate in me didn't give me peace. :)))


The biscuits are finely ground in the food processor. Add the cocoa, then pour the melted and cooled butter. Mix until the composition becomes like crumbs.

Pour into a cake pan lined with cling film, then press with a spoon. Let cool until the cream is ready.


We hydrate the gelatin in a few tablespoons of cold water.

Melt the chocolate over low heat together with the butter and liquid cream. Bring to the boil, set aside and mix. Let it cool a little, until it reaches a bearable temperature on the finger and add gelatin. Stir until it melts and is very well incorporated into the chocolate composition. Flavor with coffee essence, to taste.

Pour the composition into the tray over the cookie sheet and refrigerate for a few hours, until it hardens.

Pour on a plate and cover with a chocolate icing prepared from: 50 g dark chocolate melted over low heat with 50 g butter and a little milk, to reach the desired consistency.

It is portioned as desired.