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Let it Pour at Falling Sky

Let it Pour at Falling Sky

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Falling Sky is a relatively new brewery and restaurant that opened its first location in 2012. It quickly became a hit and a second location was opened a year later. The brewhouse is located in the alley near 13th Ave & Oak St., which is closer and more convenient for you campus shut-ins. However, the location I frequent most is the pour house and deli on Blair Blvd.

Over the last couple of years, Falling Sky has generated quite a buzz. In the past two Best of Eugene contests through the Eugene Weekly, Falling Sky was a finalist in a record number of categories including best bar grub, best burger, best place to drink in the sun, best brewery, best new restaurant, and best new business.

Are you wondering what makes this place so awesome? Let me tell you.

Photo by Judy Holtz

The beer.

Falling Sky brews the widest variety of beer selections that I’ve seen in Eugene. No offense to some of the bigger fish in the pond, but this brewery has a lot more variety and something for everyone. In addition to IPA’s, porters, stouts and pale ales, they brew delicious English-style bitters, Belgians, cask conditioned ales, lagers and more. It’s a great place to familiarize yourself with new styles if you’re a craft beer noob.

Photo by Judy Holtz

The food.

The menu boasts Jewish-style deli and pub grub with a culinary twist. Good luck deciding between the classy appetizers, soups and salads, corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, sweets and breakfast served all day. Everything, of course, is made in house from scratch, using locally sourced quality ingredients. On my last visit, I enjoyed a neck cut lamb pastrami sandwich on marbled rye.

Photo by Judy Holtz

The atmosphere.

The vibe at Falling Sky is hip, casual and not at all pretentious. The passion for brewing great beer and serving great food is self-evident. As for the restaurant itself, it has a modernized industrial and an ever-so-slightly rustic look, which is pretty cool. There’s a nice outdoor area, a bar, some booths and mostly bench-style seating.

The additional quirks that make the place interesting are the clever specials, including 25 cents off all pints when its raining and happy hour all day on Sunday if you ride your bike (covered parking, by the way). I hear there’s even a “pour grad student” burger and brew special on deck.

Truth is, there is so much that could be said about Falling Sky that a single article just isn’t going to do it complete justice. So I invite you to check the place out for yourself next chance you get. Beteavon! (That’s bon appétit in Hebrew, fool.)

Photo by Judy Holtz

Location: 790 Blair Blvd, Eugene, OR 97402

Hours of Operation: Sun-Wed: 11am-12am, Thu-Sat: 11am-1am

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